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About Jim's Transmission Service in Sioux Falls

Jim's Transmissions has been serving Sioux Falls with quality Transmission , car and truck repair, and automobile maintenance services for over 45 years.

We know Transmissions. With 5 highly qualified transmission and clutch master craftsmen with over 180 years of combined mechanical experience, you can be rest assured that your vehicle is in the hands of the best experts available anywhere.

Our Master Craftsmen use state-of-the-art computer diagnostic and troubleshooting tools so your car's internal transmission problems will be accurately diagnosed while it is still in the vehicle, this will assure that you will save money by getting a reliable quote that only includes the services that your car needs.

The Jim's Transmission Rebuild Warranty provides you with a standard 36 Month , 36,000 Mile Warranty. By using the highest quality parts and most experienced technicians, we can offer this warranty to all customers. In addition, we offer a preventative maintenance plan to service so your transmission will be serviced for the long haul.

Sioux Falls is growing to high peaks quickly. The use of cars, the quickest form of transportation in city life, has become vital and residents of Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas can't afford to set out time to sit and wait for the repairs of their cars. Jim's Transmissions understands your busy schedule. We offer both towing services and discounted rental car options through enterprise so your busy day isn't stopped because of a transmission or other car problem.

With our highly experienced and expert technicians we can assure all of the residents of Sioux Falls that they will be back on the road with their cars as soon as possible. You will also get a chance to take a test drive of your after we service it to ensure that all of the problems you addressed have been fixed and your car runs smoothly.

You may not notice anything wrong with the same part until a couple years later, but you don't have to worry. All customers of Jim's Transmissions are under a 36 Month , 36,000 Mile warranty for most services we offer on your car. This is a written guarantee that our trustworthy and experienced technicians are providing you with long lasting products.

Jim's Transmissions is here for all of your auto care needs in Sioux Falls and will provide you with top quality products, technicians, customer service , and affordable prices on our services. We work to build your loyalty and satisfaction with us.

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