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Automatic Transmission Repair in Sioux Falls

The automatic transmission has undergone huge changes since its surge in production in the 1940's and 50's. Today's transmissions are advanced, technical 


and very complex, therefore making an automatic transmission repair very difficult. The automatic transmission consists of computers, wires, sensors, solenoids, switches, relays and special fluids that make it all work and yet it is still the most overlooked component in terms of maintenance.
Whether you are driving in the Sioux Falls South Dakota area or anywhere in the united states it is important to perform proper maintenance and up keep on the Automatic transmission that needs attention and care.
At Jim's Transmission Repair & Service in Sioux Falls South Dakota we are Automatic Transmission Repair specialists. Whether is is an old classic Dynaflow or a new CVT odds are we have seen it, repaired it or serviced one like it before!
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