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Check Engine Light on?  We will do a basic check for FREE

In most case a check engine light is an early warning device to a potential problem. It is the vehicles on board computer system telling you that it is monitoring something out of the ordinary in terms of electrical data. It can be as simple as a gas cap not completely tightened down or something as complex as a short in a wire or harness. Either way the absolute first step is getting the vehicle scanned. 

When a check engine light is illuminated the computer most likely will store a Diagnostic Trouble Code. (DTC) The diagnostic trouble code will point our auto repair technicians in the right direction. From there we can make the proper recommendation for you. 

Codes are not necessarily definitive of the problem, meaning it does not automatically say "here is the problem", but more accurately gives a general flow chart to pin pointing the actual issue. 

We check the basic codes free of charge. Many times we can isolate the issue with a road test and scan of the vehicle, however more complex codes may require advanced diagnostic labor time depending on the flow chart. We will always inform you before there are any charges. Call today for details.