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Manual Transmission Repair in Sioux Falls

The most common misconception in our industry today is that  manual transmissions are cheaper and easier to work on when in fact, the parts cost can often double when rebuilding a Manual transmission. Manual Transmissions, particularly older ones, have many adjustments that are needed and applicable to many complaints. 
clutch-services.PNGClutch Repair and Clutch problems can cause many symptoms that may appear to be major failure but are often corrected with simple adjustment or hydraulic component replacement.
In Sioux Falls South Dakota Manual or Standard Transmission repair is also our specialty . As well as clutches , Transfer cases, axles, differentials and more.
Transfer Case Repair in Sioux Falls South Dakota can be tricky ! It is important to fin someone capable of diagnosing todays modern electronically controlled units and many required special blends or synthetic lubrication. While the transfer case does provide 4X4 , it is constantly applied in most cases and also provides automatic 4X4 on many vehicles and can effect the way the vehicle shifts and performs.
All of these componets need expert care and diagnosis. Be Sure to Call Jims today for a free diagnostic check.