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Transmission Diagnostics in Sioux Falls, SD

Big Transmission Problem or Minor Repair? It takes an EXPERT to Know!

We can find the Real Transmission Problem

Did you know that 50% of our customers come to us with what appears to be major transmission failure symptoms and are typically back on the road with a minor repair or adjustment?

Transmissions today are computer controlled and electronically operated using engine data and information to control and regulate pressures within the automatic transmission. The sensors and solenoids that relay these signals often fail and cause a wide variety of symptoms that may seem catastrophic.

And give you what you NEED!

Today's cars require expert technicians and state of the art diagnostic tools to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. At Jim's Transmission Center, we pride ourselves in getting the problem solved and repairing what your car NEEDS, not what others WANT. We offer a comprehensive in-depth, computer diagnostic service that pinpoints the problem in most cases. The most expensive transmission is the one you don't need. Call today for an evaluation and free diagnostic service.