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GMC / GM Transmission Repair, Sioux Falls South Dakota

Are you looking for GMC transmission repair or GM transmission repair? Jim's National Transmission Repair and Service of Sioux Falls South Dakota performs all transmission diagnostic services and transmission repair on late model, classic General Motors and any GM transmission manufactured from 1948 to Present. We offer a free Trans-Scan basic check including fluid check (vehicles with dipsticks) Computer scan and road test. Look for us to provide the best GM transmission repair services in the local Sioux Falls, SD area. Big Transmission problem or Minor repair? It takes an EXPERT to know call Jim's National Transmission today! 

We provide GMC / GM Transmission repair on the following models:

Powerglide, Hydramatic , ST300 , TH350C , TH400 , TH350 , TH700R4 , TH2004R, TH180 , TH80C , TH200 ,TH200C , TH475 TH325 , 4L80E , 4L60E , 4L60 , TH440T4 , 4T65E , 4T65 , 4T80E , CVT , ALLISON1000 , 4T40 , 4T40E , TH125 , TH125C , 4T40E , 4T45E , 6T70 , 6L80 , 6L90 , 4L30E , 5L40 , 5L50 , 8L90 , 8L45