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Rebuilt Transmission vs Re Manufactured Transmission  

The evolution of the automatic transmission has brought many different trends, fads interpretations and misconceptions and usually the narrative is defined by the marketing. 

So what exactly is the difference? Let's start with the term "re-man or re-manufactured"

Re Manufactured Transmission

A Re manufactured transmission is a transmission that has been rebuilt at a facility in a factory setting. What that means is that a company has cores that they tear down and rebuild back to factory specifications. Common wear components such as clutches, gaskets, sealing rings, rubber o rings, metal clad seals, bands and filter are all changed automatically. The components that are not designed to wear naturally are made of hardened steel or pressed aluminum. These are replaced on an "as needed basis". If these transmission components are deemed sound they are re-used again. The transmission valve body gaskets are replaced as well as most solenoids. Once completed, typically the facilities dyno test the remanufactured transmissions before shipping them out. Some facilities use a factory assembly line approach where different individuals install specific components as the unit descends down a line.  The torque converter is replaced or rebuilt with new hubs, bearings and clutch. The completed remanufactured transmissions are generally sandblasted, painted and crated for delivery. Remanufactured transmissions generally carry a wide variety of warranty's some up to 5 years 100k miles.

Rebuilt Transmissions

A rebuilt transmission at Jim's National Transmission in Sioux Falls South Dakota is first removed from the vehicle. Then one of our trained automatic transmission repair technicians will tear down the transmission, clean and inspect the entire gear train.  Common wear components such as clutches, gaskets, sealing rings, rubber o rings, metal clad seals, bands and filter are replaced. The components that are not designed to wear naturally that are made of hardened steel or pressed aluminum are replaced on an "as needed basis". All solenoids and torque converters are replaced as well as any aftermarket upgrades and updates are installed at the time of rebuild. Once the transmission rebuild has been completed and installed in the vehicle we initiate 5 different road tests. After all tests have been completed and a final check or test for any leaks has been passed, the vehicle is delivered. Most of our custom rebuilt transmissions come with a 36 Month-50,000 Mile warranty that covers parts and labor.

Really if you read the two, they are exactly the same thing. The big difference is we rebuild the one out of the car as opposed to rebuilding a core. The word “term re-manufactured” is exactly the same as “re-built” The service is performed off site and generally is a more expensive product. The BIG area difference is warranty processing. All of our warranty repairs are handled in house. If you should be travelling we are members of ATRA and ATSG and can generally handle a warranty situation almost anywhere in the continental United States. Re-manufactured transmissions warranty processing can be a chore and in some cases the unit will have to be removed, sent to manufacturer then torn down to identify issue and whether or not they will cover it. Also core charges, shipping etc are on the consumer and can add up. 

Obviously there are a ton of choices for consumers but in the end a specialist is what is needed for a special transmission repair. Auto Repair facilities are like Doctor’s offices for your car. As with doctors, there are specialist. You would not go to a foot doctor for a root canal so when it comes to automatic transmission repair in Sioux Falls South Dakota take your car to Jim's National Transmission Repair.