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Vehicles We Service

At Jim’s National Transmission we service a number of vehicle makes and models. We have a highly trained staff to handle the major transmission problem or minor transmission repair you may need. Below we have listed just a few makes and models of vehicles we provide transmission services for.. 

Ford transmission repair

Mercury Transmission Repair

Chevy transmission repair

GMC Transmission Repair

Buick Transmission Repair

Pontiac Transmission Repair

Toyota transmission repair

Lexus Transmission Repair

Dodge Transmissions

Chrysler Transmissions

Mercedes Benz Transmissions

KIA Transmissions

Hyundai Transmissions

Audi Transmission Repair

Allison Transmissions

These are just a few we have listed, but we at Jim’s National Transmission work on most any make and model vehicle. We have been in the transmission repair business for over 50 years and have seen most everything. We have worked on vehicles anywhere from vintage cars, custom rebuilds to brand new off the lot. Our transmission experts are trained to repair most any make and model vehicle out there. We will do our best to get your car back on the road with as little hassle as possible. Our highly trained staff is ready to find and fix that transmission problem you have encountered. Letting an expert properly diagnose a transmission issue is essential. Other transmission repair shops may misdiagnose a problem and cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars. At Jim’s National Transmission if we can find that minor repair and keep you from the major expense, we will. Stop in and see us at Jim’s Nation Transmission of Sioux Falls. We are here to help with all your transmission repair needs. And remember, big transmission problem or minor repair, it takes an expert to know!